Working In Memory Care

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Memory care facilities are designed to accommodate people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other forms of cognitive impairment. There are many different types of memory care facilities available, from those that are short-term and temporary to long-term facilities that offer 24/7 care. Here are a few things to know about working in memory care.

The goal of a memory care facility is not to cure disease, but to help its inhabitants manage their symptoms. This can include helping them eat properly, keeping them clean and well-groomed, assisting them in remembering important information such as their name or where they live, and providing companionship when needed.

Many residents at memory care facilities have difficulty communicating, so it is important that staff members be able to establish good rapport with them. As a care provider, you are dedicated to the well-being of the people in your care. You strive to make sure they feel comfortable, happy, and safe in their environment.

You do this day after day, and it can be a challenging job. It’s critical to remember that you are doing something really important—and there are many rewards to working in memory care facilities.

Memory care facilities offer programs that are designed to improve resident’s cognitive functioning. These can include working on memory recall, processing speed, attention span and other important abilities and can include anything from puzzles to games to art projects. Events may include trips outside of the facility or celebrating holidays in a fun way that is appropriate for residents with dementia.

The rewards of working in memory care are many: helping others through a difficult time in their lives; knowing you’re making a difference; feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished; building long-lasting friendships with coworkers who share similar values; and knowing that every day at work is an opportunity to make someone else’s life better.

At Actriv, we hold these priorities in high regard on the way to delivering exceptional patient care through our provider team. We believe that continued innovation and out of the box thinking will lead to a better future for our people and where work-life harmony allows us to deliver the best memory care out of the desire to care more than anyone ever has.