Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment

Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment

Per diem nurses work by the day. Because of this, taking per diem assignments can give nurses flexibility and pay well. Sometimes a nurse will work for a hospital and work for an agency the next day. Working as a per diem nurse can be a challenge since it requires the nurse to work with different staff often. But it can be rewarding too. Here’s why you should take a per diem assignment.

Achieve the Work Schedule You Need

Per diem nurses can decide what their schedule will be. In a full-time position, nurses have roughly the same shift schedule. Per diem nurses choose what shifts they want to work in a scheduled period. Depending on where they work, shifts can be scheduled week to week. Calls for last-minute shifts can also happen. Nurses are typically filling in for other nurses who have called in sick that day or are off for another reason.

For a nurse who has other responsibilities such as a family or school obligations, taking on per diem work can help them achieve the work schedule they need. Hours are not always guaranteed. But this can be a positive for someone who needs more flexibility than traditional nursing provides.

Experience a Variety of Work

Some nurses choose to specialize in different areas of nursing. Others may not relish the thought of doing the same work for 40 hours each week or more. With per diem nursing, nurses will work in different areas.

Get Paid More

Per diem nurses will typically make more than a regular staff nurse. While the income made isn’t always consistent week-to-week, a nurse may make more than enough in one or two weeks to cover the times when they earn less. Sometimes, per diem nurses will travel to another state to work. Depending on the rules and pay in the state, a nurse may make significantly more in the time that they are away working, compared to working in their home state.

Control Your Benefits

Per diem nurses are temporary employees so benefits are not usually offered with an assignment. This may not be an issue for someone who can get benefits through their spouse. It’s also possible to set up benefits for yourself separately from work. If you are traveling often, having your own benefits can be a positive.

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