Actriv Inc. to Merge with Action Healthcare Staffing, Merger Will Create Largest Healthcare Staffing Company in Washington

WA – Actriv Inc. is pleased to announce about its upcoming merger with Action Healthcare Staffing the coming month. As part of the merger, the joint enterprise will be rebranded as “Actriv Healthcare, Inc.” and it will represent the largest healthcare staffing company in Washington State employing over 400 Nurses and Aides.  

Actriv Inc. is a leading name in the healthcare staffing scene across the Pacific NW and serves all across Tacoma, Seattle and Idaho. Action Healthcare Staffing is another renowned healthcare staffing firm in the USA and offers services across South WA, Oregon, Idaho and California. After the merger, the rebranded Actriv Healthcare Inc. will be headquartered at Tacoma, WA.

“We are excited about the opportunities the merger will create for our customer and the Healthcare Industry, as well as our employees and the stakeholders. Together, Action Healthcare and Actriv Inc will be able to scale rapidly while delivering the best in class and most innovative Healthcare Workforce Solutions”, said Allan Njoroge, the Chairman and CEO of Actriv Healthcare.

The merger comes at a crucial time when the country is struggling with the menacing COVID-19 pandemic that further calls for increased support from the healthcare sector.

“It is one of the hardest times in the history of Healthcare with the COVID-19 and the services we provide are essential, merging the two organizations will bring together two amazing brands and resources to better serve our communities,” added in Ms. Sabryna, the COO of Actriv Healthcare. 

As a healthcare powerhouse, Actriv Healthcare will continue to support Healthcare Facilities fighting COVID-19 in Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho.

Speaking on, the Actriv CEO said, the company is dedicated to bridge the gap between healthcare staffing providers and qualified healthcare professionals. The company stressed on providing innovative healthcare staffing assistance, backed by the guarantee of most efficient and safest patient care. 

“What separates us from regular healthcare staffing companies is our strong customer-centric approach and innovative design that helps to create ensuring solutions. We work with highly qualified and passionate nurses (RN, CNA, LPN, Travel RNs) so that we can support the healthcare organizations and patients with the best care.  Finding the right nurse in no easy task. But we will make the process more convenient for you by offering you access to remarkable, dedicated and professional healthcare staff who are genuinely committed to the best healthcare possible.”

The company CEO also assured complete transparency with both healthcare staff and healthcare organizations signing up for their services. Actriv is extremely particular about maintaining constant communication with both healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations for easy exchange of thoughts and ideas. 

Action Healthcare Staffing also has expressed great excitement while speaking on the news of the upcoming merger with Actriv Inc.

“We are looking forward to the merger with Actriv Inc. as a great opportunity to empower the healthcare staffing scene across the whole nation. Actriv has always been renowned for excellent healthcare staffing assistance and we are confident that our collaboration with Actriv will lead to proliferating results in near future”, noted the chief spokesperson from Action Healthcare.  

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